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Price List

Dogs and cats like routine, it makes them feel safe and less stressed. Regular walks help your dog stay healthy, stimulated and less likely to have behavioural problems. Also, keeping your pet in its own environment will reduce the chance of any infection being transmitted from other animals. My aim is to continue providing the love and care for each pet at any time that you are unable too. Of course your home will be in safe hands also.


Each new client will receive an initial no obligation free consultation so that I can introduce my services to you and your pet, answer all your questions and show my documentation. Listed below is a guide to the services that I offer but these are also flexible to fit in with your pets needs.


Dog walking/sitting (Wroot):  


£6.00 per half hour

£7.50 per 45 minutes

£9.00 per full hour

Surrounding areas, please add £1.50 to these prices.


Prices are per 1 or 2 dogs from same family, additional dogs from same family charged at an extra £1.50 per dog. Your dog is walked individually, not with a group. Poo bags and treats are provided by myself. I am happy to feed your dog if required or administer medications.


Cat feeding/sitting (Wroot):


£5.00 per 20 minutes

£6.00 per half hour

£7.50 per 45 minutes

£9.00 per full hour

Surrounding areas, please add £1.50 to these prices.


Prices are for any amount of cats in the same family and consist of feeding, litter tray cleaning, food area cleaning, grooming, playing and cuddles. Medicines given if required.


Longer stays:


£15.00 per 2 hours

£21.00 per 3 hours

£27.00 per 4 hours

£30.00 per overnight stay (6pm – 8.30am)


Prices include walking, feeding, food and sleep area cleaned, grooming, cuddles and medicines given if required. Also general security and care of home ie: post picked up, bins out, plants watered and curtains closed. I will provide my own food and bedding for sleepovers.


Small animals (home visit Wroot):


£5.00 per 20 minutes

£6.00 per half hour

Surrounding areas, please add £1.50 to these prices.


Prices are for hutch refresh, feeding, grooming, let out into

a run or just cuddles. Medicines given if required.


Working hours:


My normal working hours are between 7.00am and 9.00pm 7 days a week.

An additional £3.00 will be charged outside these hours.


Bank Holidays:


Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve after 7.00pm and New Years Day will be double time.


Cancellation charges:


Same day cancellations will incur a charge of £3.00.


Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Please feel free to ask if I have not covered any of the services that you need, I will endeavour to accommodate wherever I can.  


If you need to cancel a booking, please try to give as much notice as possible. If you require a visit at short notice, I will do my very best to accommodate so please get in touch